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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Week 9: #23 The end, or the beginning...!!!

What can I say, it's been a lot easier than I thought. There are, of course, some things that I will use again (Flickr, and even YouTube when I have time) and some that I may never use. But I have the knowledge!

I think I surprised myself, because I am not au fait with technology, and now I can blog, wiki, tag, podcast and download.

There are some that I will go back to and revisit, I still hope to get Rollyo to work! I want to have a better look at MySpace and when time permits, other people's blogs and wikis. I'd like to have a better look at Library 2.0 related blogs, such as
Second life is something else to check out.

I have started two personal blogs, that I will update now that I have finished this.

Thanks to YPRL for this opportunity, not many work places would let their employees "play" on the internet in work time. Thanks to Helene Blowers and PLCMC. And especially thanks to Lynette and Denise, for their assistance and their patience.

What's next??

Week 9: #22 The end is in sight!

Although our access to Net Library is not available I had a look around and moved on to World eBook Fair ( and like many others listened to Little Match Girl. All those catergories to download from, the options are limitless.

This is something that I may use again, if I can figure out how to download to my mp3 player!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Week 9: #21 Podcasts, Smodcasts!

I've had a look at the podcast tutorial and at the podcast directories and Again there may be a lot of interesting items available, but there is also a lot of irrevelant podcasts, it's the sorting through them that takes so much time.

I searched to find library related items by tags. I found a couple of genealogy podcasts to subscribe to, and that you can learn any language by listening to a daily podcast. I've included a link to a podcast from a New Zealander and a Canadian, espousing the wonders of Christchurch

As soon as I remember the password to my Bloglines account, I'll add the RSS feeds to the genealogy podcasts from National Archives and Irish Roots Cafe.

I don't think I'm ready to make my own podcasts yet, but I've learnt a lot in the past 2 months, so never say never!

Week 9: #20 YouTube

I had a look at various YouTubes - Library Dominoes, Angry Librarian and some travel ones. One in particular that I liked related to a recent trip I took to New Zealand and if I can sort out the html I'll add it to my blog for others to enjoy. I also had a look at the other video hosting sites, so many videos, so little time. This could be a great way to kill an afternoon, but I think I'd better stick to the subject at hand.

Week 8: #19 Web 2.0 tools

I had a look around the Web 2.0 Awards List, at things like Craigslist, YouTube, Propsmart and Housingmaps. Most sites are of course American orientated. Others that I looked at related to Personal Organization, like HipCal and Planzo, but you needed to sign up to access them, and I've signed up to too many things already. I did look at Flickr again, and found some great photos of the West Coast of the South island of New Zealand - areas that were fogged in when I was there recently. I also looked at TravBuddy, but haven't signed up yet

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Week 8: #18 Online productivity

Well, I'm moving right along here! Had a look at Zoho Writer, at the page set up by Helene Blowers and at Google Docs. I set up another account and I even tried publishing something from my Zoho account to my blog, which didn't work. I don't think I'd use this much, I'm too used to Microsoft Office products, but at least now I have a choice, and can access this from any pc anywhere.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Week 7: #17 Learning 2.0 Sandbox wiki

This was fun, had a play around and added my favourite vacation spot, tv shows and my blog to the plcmc learning 2.0 wiki.

I've also created a pbwiki, well a test run and I'll play around with it later.

Week 7 #16: Wikis

I've read the Discovery Resources, done the Discovery exercies and tagged a couple of wikis that interested me, like Wikipedia and the St Joseph County Public Library . But I'm not sure about wikis: if the content can be edited by anyone, how reliable is it?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Week 6: # 15 Library 2.0 and the future

Too much reading to do on the screen, so I'll read it on the weekend and post my thoughts on Monday - bet you can't wait!

Just an update - I've read the articles and some others I found. The idea of our library collection as "just in case" is scary because it's true. The decision to purchase this book rather than that one limits the information accessible. But how do you make sure that all the information is current. A drop in circulation figures is indicitive that information is being accessed in formats other than print.

But, to live without books....!

Week 6: #14 Technorati

I had a look at Technorati, and looked at claiming my blog but decided against it - already too many ids and passwords to remember and I don't know that I am ready to be viewed by anyone anywhere.

I watched the Technorati tour and did a keyword search on "Learning 2.0". In blog posts nearly 33,000 results showed up, and increasing all the time; in tags there were blog posts and visual media of everything in the known universe tagged learning 2.0; while blog directory found 32 blogs about learning 2.0, sorted by authority or freshness! Each search was more defined by the keyword.

I also looked at tagging posts, but tagged the Technorati home page instead.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Week 6: #13 Tagging and

Despite setbacks with Library Thing and Rollyo, I'm moving forward to I've set up an account, added the buttons to my toolbar and I'm ready to add bookmarks. I've had a look at PLCMCL2's favorites on, and tagged some that interested me. I've made a network badge to be added to my blog, but will do this next week when I learn where to paste HTML! I've added a link to my account.

Week 5: #12 Rollyo

I had a look at Rollyo, and didn't like it and couldn't get it to do what it said it would. I don't know if this is because the internet is so slow, or because I'm doing it wrong.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

At last!

Okay, keep your fingers crossed. I've been having trouble with the image geneators but I think I have it sussed now, if I can get it to load.

Well, after all the stressing, that worked so well let's do another!

I played around with a few image generators and found these two on RedKid.Net

I don't know that I'll use this much, but at least I'll know how to! Now I can move on to the next thing